Lose weight – Get Fitter – Go Faster

Did you know that exercising outside burns more calories? Your body is constantly challenged by the altering terrain as well as having to adapt to the temperature.

If you are looking for a quick fix to lose weight, become fitter or to tone up  then Fitness Unit BOOTCAMP can help you see rapid results, but it is also our aim is to educate you into maintaining a long term, healthy lifestyle.

With the motivation and support of our trainers combined with the encouragement of working in a group with like mined people you will achieve far more than you ever thought possible and in record time. 

Dont worry you dont have to be fit to come to Bootcamp but you will get fit by coming to Bootcamp! Come along for a free trial, see what we do before you pay for it!

We cater for all fitness levels and abilities and issue wristbands at our assessment sessions to ensure that you are working out with people of your own ability, noone gets left behind and we have fun as a group!

  • Lose body fat
  • Tone up
  • Be Fitter
  • Be more confident in all aspects of your life
  • Be Stronger
  • Go Faster
  • Look and feel great
  • Have more energy

Our client's benefit from the

  • Expertise of our Personal Trainers most with Military background too
  • Fexibility to train in any of our locations in in any of our classes so if you miss a class there is always another option.
  • Varied training sessions to ensure that you are getting results.
  • Structured training sessions taught by experiensed Personal Trainers always willing to pass on their expertise. 
  • Fun sessions with lots of laughter and banter 
  • Time - 1 hour Fitness Unit Bootcamp session = 3 hours gym sessions on your own
  • Stress relief - come and train after work and forget about he stresses of the day - its a great stress relief!
  • Weekly weigh in and measure if you want to keep on track with your results
  • Fun teamwork to keep you motivated

Fitness Unit BOOTCAMP is much more than an Outdoor Fitness Class its a community - We even go for breakfast after BOOTCAMP once a month. (Healthy of Course!)

Fitness Unit BOOTCAMP is a way of life, you will make friends, have fun and may even miss it when you are away!

Take the first step to getting the body you have always dreamed of! Come and join our Bootcamp community!

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